International Wireless Rollout Project

Objective: Upgrade all of client's national and international sites to provide flawless wireless coverage and capacity for wireless applications.

Client: Multi-national, publicly traded specialty insurer and global reinsurance company. 

Princeton, NJ
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Hartford, CT
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Toronto, ON
Pembroke, Bermuda
Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Kansas City, MO
Phoenix, AZ
Dublin, Ireland     

One of the main challenges we faced with this project was coordinating multiple phases of assessments and installations over multiple time zones during a short period of time. An accelerated schedule had to be developed and implemented that enabled us to complete turnover for all sites within a 3 month timeframe. 

The second biggest challenge was to ensure that all BICSI standards and local codes were adhered to during this project. We overcame this challenge creating an international cabling standard for our client that created a seamless transition from one location to the next. 

Project overview
The project was surveyed, designed and built in conjunction with Telecom’s national, certified WBE sister company, Information Transport Solutions. We were tasked with measuring, and documenting coverage based on a 5 GHz site survey, while considering that all current wireless standards in both 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrums would be supported. All existing cabling was upgraded to industry-leading category 6A cabling. Cisco wireless access points were deployed throughout all sites. After installation, we completed a wireless coverage assessment to ensure that all objectives were accomplished. We provided cutover resources to relocate any devices as needed. After completion, we supplied interactive coverage maps and as-built wireless drawings to assure future moves, adds and changes will be easily attained.  

  • Coordination of multiple simultaneous projects across a number of different countries and time zones utilizing a custom built, proprietary project tracking system.
  • Wireless design consulting and engineering with the the client's IT team prior to initial roll-out.
  • Predictive surveys conducted at all sites prior to installation.
  • Cabling for over two hundred access points consisting of two category 6A cables per AP location. 
  • Installation of over two hundred wireless access points across thirteen sites.
  • Active coverage assessment surveys conducted at each site post installation. 
  • Coordination of local labor to ensure that systems were designed and installed per code and requirements. 
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Our unique Design Build Connect process means we take ownership of the project from conception to connection.
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